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Equity Crowdfunding During a Pandemic

Community funding

As small businesses come to grips with the impact of the Pandemic and their ability to survive, some will determine a need to raise funding. However, many of the usual sources of risk capital are sitting on the sidelines until they are certain that the market has bottomed out. And, after throwing band-aids of money haphazardly at the small business community, the federal government is locked in partisan politics that provide no insight as to where, when or how economic recovery programs may be funded.

Workforce Housing Recipe for Economic Recovery Project

As communities look to recover from the COVID Pandemic, a good starting point is to build new housing for local workers.

Prior to the Pandemic, a shortage of six million low-income housing units was already a crisis.  With 30+ million newly unemployed, the need for economical housing is soaring.  Addressing this key community challenge presents an opportunity to create jobs now.

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