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E-learning’s Promise and Failure

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Since the early days of computers, many of us dreamed of how computers were going to revolutionize education. We didn’t know exactly how it was going to work, but we knew that the “personal” computer made it possible to individualize education. In learning, one size does not fit all, so individualized education is the “holy grail” of education! Industrialization brought us mass education, essential to building an educated workforce, but today’s workforce requires specialization and skills that are way beyond group-think. 

Learning by Interactive Programming (L.I.P.)

This article is about the value of programming as a teaching tool not to teach programming, but rather as a medium that students use to illustrate their understanding of a concept. For example, if a student can program a computer to draw circles using basic trigonometric functions, then the student understands the concept of a circle at a very fundamental level. If a student develops a simulation that models the economic functions of a city, then that student has learned some important lessons about such an economy.

You Command a Powerful Learning System!

Learning can be easy if you have the right tools. What’s in your toolbox?

Knowledge Avatars™ helps students learn by showing them exactly what concepts they need to fill in their knowledge gaps. Examples and activities are available to the student as needed. Integrated testing provides immediate feedback so students always know where they stand.

Developers can easily create Knowledge Avatars without any knowledge of programming or instructional design. You can build your Knowledge Avatar incrementally, access resources from the Internet and create a community around your particular expertise. Knowledge Avatars supports multiple languages and are optimized for mobile devices.

Learn more about the Knowledge Avatars Developer Programs.

Knowledge Avatars™ makes it easier to learn:

Blending Content

Knowledge Avatars allows you to blend your own educational content with content developed by other people. As long as this content is available on the Internet you can incorporate them as examples or experiences within your Knowledge Avatar.

Examples of things that can be embedded are listed here. Click on any one and it will open in a new window.

How Knowledge Avatars Enhances Teaching

The two main factors for better education are knowledgeable teachers and smaller class sizes. 

The more knowledgeable a teacher is the better and more creative they can be at explaining concepts and at responding to students’ questions.

The smaller the classes are, the more likely it is that students will receive the individual attention they need to improve. It means getting additional materials that help them fill in their knowledge gaps.

Looking for Teachers

Knowledge Avatars Incorporated, creator of Knowledge Avatars, your knowledge in the cloud, is seeking teachers to author K-12 educational content for their advanced Internet platform.

These school-based Knowledge Avatars will focus on topics that are of interest to K-12 schools, math, science, history, writing, and more.

Authors will receive live online training and royalties from revenues from their Knowledge Avatar. Knowledge Avatars Inc. will help authors with marketing and sales, and handle all financial transactions. There is no charge for authors to create content. 


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