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About Knowledge Avatars

Founded by Emiliano De Laurentiis, Knowledge Avatars' mission is to make learning easier. We believe that the only way to make learning easier is by personalizing the learning experience.

A personalized learning experience means that students will be able to identify their weaknesses and fill their knowledge gaps to achieve mastery. This can be achieved only with technology.

On this site, you can subscribe to or create Knowledge Avatars. Knowledge Avatars are digital tutors representing the knowledge of a particular expert. They help you learn by providing the tools and content needed to identify and fill your knowledge gaps.

You may subscribe to Knowledge Avatars by going here.

You may become a Knowledge Avatar developer and receive help to develop your own Knowledge Avatar. We have flexible plans to meet any size organization's needs.

You may call or text our office: 413-300-1198

You may also contact us via social media. Go to the home page to see where you can find us.