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Develop Your Own State of the Art Adaptive Courseware called Knowledge Avatars™!

Knowledge Avatars™ help students learn by allowing them to focus on the concepts they need to reach their goals. It provides exactly the content they need, in the most effective way, to understand the concepts in a rich, adaptive, multimedia environment.


Authors can easily create Knowledge Avatars™ without any knowledge of programming or instructional design. Knowledge Avatars™ also creates a community of individuals around your particular knowledge.


Knowledge Avatars™ makes it easier to learn:

  • Knowledge Avatars are organized in short, simple-to-master parts.
  • Student control how much content they receive to understand a concept.
  • Each concept has numerous examples and interactive experiences.
  • Student see exactly the concepts they need to move forward. 
  • Integrated testing provides feedback and suggested review so that testing is part of the learning process, not a hindrance to it.
  • Students have a storehouse of information at their fingertips – they can call on related material at any time!
  • Learners can access a Knowledge Avatar in the time that they have and return to it later on for more. 
  • Knowledge Avatars are media rich, incorporating video, interactive programs, animations, Prezis, Haiku Decks, and more.
  • Prerequisite concepts are clear with the Knowledge Holograph™. 
  • Knowledge Avatars can be in any language.



Developers can easily create their own Knowledge Avatars™:

  • You can start developing high quality Knowledge Avatars in 10 minutes. 
  • You can develop in small increments, whenever time allows. 
  • You can incorporate any content from the Internet.
  • The Knowledge Holograph™ is automatically generated.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Online chat, forum, and phone support available.


When you develop a Knowledge Avatar you are actually teaching Knowledge Avatars about various subjects. The more that Knowledge Avatars knows about the concepts you want to teach, the  more effective it will be in teaching because it will have a more complete picture of the knowledge in your topic. 


Create an account on Knowledge Avatars, select a Developer Program, and learn more.


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