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Knowledge Avatar Developer Program

Become a Knowledge Avatar Developer!

Enroll in the Knowledge Avatar™ Developer Program and get the help you need to author and publish your Knowledge Avatars. 

You can develop for free (no credit card required). However, you have to enroll as a Publisher to make your Knowledge Avatar public. 

Once we approve your Knowledge Avatar for publication, you have a choice of either publishing to the general public or to publish privately to your students.

Unique features of Knowledge Avatars.

  • Rapid content development
  • Virtual reality meeting rooms
  • Granular chunks of knowledge
  • Pedagogically sound
  • Complete content coverage
  • Knowledge gap detection
  • Micro-learning
  • Adaptive
  • Individualized
  • Student-centric
  • Detailed feedback for students
  • Teach-bot
  • No programming required
  • Include multi-modal content from the Internet

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Publishing options

  • Private: Publish to a private audience. We calculate your costs on the expected traffic volume. Contact us for details.
  • Public: Publish to a world audience. You set your prices and retain 70% of gross revenues. We process and manage all payments.
    • We chase down declined payments
    • We shield you from chargebacks
    • We provide technical support
    • We analyze users' stats.
  • Custom: If one of our standard programs does not meet your needs, please contact us for a quote for custom development.

Developer Plans

View or select the various developer plans from the pop-up button below. You have three options:

  1. Publisher: This gives you the right to publish your Knowledge Avatar.
  2. Mentor: This is an optional development consulting service. Each mentor block covers five hours of consulting to help you analyze and plan your Knowledge Avatar—Pre-order one or more Mentor blocks by selecting the number of units in your shopping cart.
  3. Producer (free): This allows you to create your Knowledge Avatar for free and to receive online developer resources. It does not allow you to publish your Knowledge Avatar.