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Knowledge Avatar Developer Program

Become a Developer!

Enroll in a Knowledge Avatar™ Developer Program and get the help you need to author and publish your own Knowledge Avatars. 

You can develop for free (no credit card required) but you need to enroll as a Publisher to publish your Knowledge Avatar. 

Once your Knowledge Avatar has been approved for publication you have a choice of either publishing to the general public or to publish privately to your own students.

What's special about Knowledge Avatars™?

  • Students can easily find and fill their knowledge gaps.
  • Each Knowledge Avatar is adaptive, conforming to how students want to learn.
  • Students can access content however they wish.
  • Our superior pedagogical model, F.E.E.D., is built in.
  • Students receive detailed feedback about which concepts they have mastered. 
  • Each Knowledge Avatar has its own AI-Tutor that is automatically programmed. The AI-Tutor explains content, helps students learn, and provides friendly advice.
  • No programming required.
  • With Knowledge Avatars™ you are "teaching" your own Knowledge Avatar what you know.
  • Knowledge Avatars presents your knowledge in easy-to-digest chunks of knowledge.
  • Knowledge Avatars can include multi-modal content from the Internet.
  • It is mobile-friendly

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Publishing options

  • Private: Publish to your own private audience. Your costs will be based on the expected traffic volume. Contact us for details.
  • Public: Publish to a world audience. You set your own prices. You retain 70% of the gross revenues. We process all payments.
    • We chase down declined payments
    • We shield you from chargebacks
    • We analyze users stats.
  • Custom: If one of our standard programs does not meet your needs, please contact us for a quote for custom development.


Developer Plans

View or select the various developer plans from the pop-up button below. You have four options:

  • Publisher: This is the base service. It permits you to publish your Knowledge Avatar.
  • Mentor: This is a development consulting service. We help you analyze and plan your Knowledge Avatar. This covers one hour of one-on-one electronic consulting a month. It also includes unlimited digital forms of communications such as webinars, email, and Slack to help you develop your Knowledge Avatar. 
  • Producer: This allows you to create your Knowledge Avatar but it does not allow you to publish it. This does not include one-on-one service.

For any of the paid plans add units in the shopping cart to increase the number of hours per month.

Unused time in one month does not roll over to future months.




Initial price: 


Trial period: 

30 Days

Recurring price: 


Recurring period: 

1 Month