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EnglishGURU helps you learn English

Looking for a better way to learn English? Let EnglishGURU™ be your English tutor!

EnglishGURU is a self-controlled, self-paced learning program that combines videos, definitions, examples, games, and artificial intelligence to help you to obtain a greater understanding of the English language.

That’s right… artificial intelligence! EnglishGURU will introduce you to Elsa, an AI-assistant that will help you practice the language. Whether spoken to her or typed out into her message text box, Elsa can understand your questions—such as defining a part of speech (“Is ‘beautifully’ an adverb?”), pronouncing a word (“How do you say ‘transcendent’?”), or being drilled on tough subjects (“Can you test me on subject-verb agreement?”) —and give you the answers you need to grow in the language; she is a great resource to practice speaking and writing in English.

In addition to Elsa, EnglishGURU has over 20 games to help you practice new words, spelling, and forming sentences. The built-in dictionary makes it easy for you to look up words. And if you’re still wanting more, EnglishGURU also consists of a special video chat room where you can talk to other learners from around the world who are also learning and improving their English.




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