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Knowledge Avatars for Tutors

Teacher or tutor and student

Knowledge Avatars is an Intelligent Tutor authoring and publishing system. How can human tutors use it to enhance their business?

  • Store your knowledge for often-repeated questions or issues. Students can easily and directly access the information they need. Students can jump directly to the concepts they need. The Knowledge Matrix™ shows them the prerequisite concepts.
  • Knowledge Avatars automatically creates a Knowledge Matrix, which is a knowledge map of the content that is being taught and the prerequisite structure for that knowledge.
  • Knowledge Avatars allows you to add an unlimited number of examples and activities.
  • Knowledge Avatars allows you to add tests wherever you wish.
  • Tests are automatically scored for particular concepts.
  • Wrong answers provide links to which concepts the test tests.
  • Your knowledge is represented according to the structure of the content, not by any curriculum order. Therefore, when students access the content they get the instruction they need at the moment.
  • Easily provide a curated collection of resources for your students so that they can access content based on what they are learning. The content may be linked from any Internet source, including videos, animations, code, etc.
  • Expand your reach to students who are not your customers. You can sell access to your Knowledge Avatar and other students can benefit from your knowledge. You set your own price.
  • Provide a new service and price point for your potential customers.
  • Provide a more exciting and approachable experience for your students.

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