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Close up of chess board

Chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide in homes, urban parks, clubs, online, correspondence, and in tournaments. ChessGURU helps you excel at chess.


Learn how to develop your own Knowledge Avatar!

Knowledge Avatars are ideal digital tutors. They teach the way that the best teachers teach!

It is easier to learn with a Knowledge Avatar. You have greater control over how you learn and you have more intelligent resources available to you.


EnglishGURU helps you learn English

Let EnglishGURU™ be your English tutor!

EnglishGURU is a self-controlled, self-paced learning program that combines videos, games, and artificial intelligence to help you gain a greater understanding of the English language. Now includes a live virtual practice room!

Entrepreneur Pro

The pandemic has created a surge in interest in entrepreneurship.

With an uncertain future and a growing gig workforce mentality, people are looking for non-traditional career paths. Entrepreneur Pro is a powerful A.I.-powered learning application to help students build the life-long skills they need to be entrepreneurs and succeed in business.


Woman holding sign says Me Too.

SexualHarassmentGURU™ is an advanced, interactive, training and advisory system for employees.

It is more than training - it is an advisor that employees can use throughout the year to ask questions about appropriate office behavior.

Using artificial intelligence and interactive digital characters we provide ongoing, interactive training and advice. It’s like having a human resources representative in your pocket.

Where’s Indy in the Middle East?

"Where's Indy in the Middle East?" is the first in a series of virtual reality educational escape rooms.

This revolutionary role-playing game pits students against the villainous S-Quad as they search for Indiana Royster, journalist and truth-sleuth extraordinaire.

Each escape room is a 3D experience in virtual reality. Rooms are thematically organized around a big-picture question. For example, players in the Map Maze search for geographic advantages in the Middle East to unlock the escape portal to the next room.

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