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Writing Process

Class Description:
In this class, you will learn the Writing Process, a series of skills that support your writing and add to your writing confidence in any genre. It forms the foundation of all writing.

This course will introduce and explain the Writing Process. It will take you through a formal writing assignment using each part of the Writing Process in a stepwise fashion that demonstrates its ease and efficiency. In the end, you will have a carefully-constructed and considered writing piece and will have also (and more importantly) developed greater confidence in your writing. You will come to see how your ideas and words matter and how to share them more effectively.

Class Philosophy:
There is nothing worse when writing than looking at a blank screen with that blinking cursor taunting you in the upper left-hand corner. The stress grows with every passing moment as you stare at that incessant cursor.

The Writing Process is a scientifically proven method that supports writers, especially those for whom English is a second language. It is a method that helps you develop ideas and strategies that are appropriate for any formal writing assignment. It enables you to take those ideas and techniques from the blank page to the finished product.

Get ready to get out of your own way and to be the great writer you indeed are!

Professor's Biography:

Matt Robinson has been a professional writer and editor for over 20 years. In that time, he has published more than 5,000 pieces. He has also taught hundreds of students how to embrace writing and to overcome anxieties and negative feelings and thoughts about this vital form of communication by using the Writing Process.

Matt has researched the Process and found it statistically significant in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, especially for students for whom English is not a native language. He hopes to instruct and inspire more writers with this program.

Professor's Philosophy: "YOUR WORDS MATTER!"

Just because you may not have been published or have a best-selling book does not mean that your words lack value. ALSO, just because you may be on your way to a career in the sciences does not mean that you will not have to communicate effectively.

Effective communication - whether in speech or writing - is essential, but it is NOT complicated. With a few simple moves, you can explain the purported effects of a new drug, assess a medical study, or do whatever you need in life quickly and effectively.

Regardless of what you may have been told about your writing (e.g., that you can't or shouldn't do it), this course will reveal the truth and encourage you to confidently share your words.

Course Outline
The Writing Process (an introduction to the Process and its parts and discussion of when to use it)
Part 1- Prewrite
Part 2- Draft
Part 3- Revise
Part 4- Edit

Course Format

This class will take place in a virtual reality space. There are 6 half-hour sessions. Meetings are twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, for three-weeks. Sessions start weekly and are individualized.

Knowledge Avatars

WritingGURU™ and EnglishGURU™, the built-in Knowledge Avatars, will answer your questions and reinforce the concepts you are building in this course.


Students who successfully complete the class will be awarded a Knowledge Avatars Certificate of completion.

Writing Process
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