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Where’s Indy in the Middle East?

"Where's Indy in the Middle East?" is the first in a series of virtual reality educational escape rooms.

This revolutionary role-playing game pits students against the villainous S-Quad as they search for Indiana Royster, journalist and truth-sleuth extraordinaire.

Each escape room is a 3D experience in virtual reality. Rooms are thematically organized around a big-picture question. For example, players in the Map Maze search for geographic advantages in the Middle East to unlock the escape portal to the next room.

The Gamemaster is a Bot

The gamemaster, an AI-powered Knowledge Avatar, trains students to develop pointed questions as they hunt for clues.

Human: What makes Saudi Arabia unique?
Bot: This country is best known for vast oil reserves and the widely misunderstood role of women in their society. Although King Salman just lifted the world's only ban on women drivers in 2017, media misrepresentation has contributed to Saudi Arabian stereotypes.

What will students learn?

More than a game, Where's Indy in the Middle East develops 21st Century social, emotional, and higher-order thinking skills. Players build resilience as they persist through challenges and failures in pursuit of a larger goal.

As they move from room to room, players unwittingly teach themselves problem-solving strategies. To persist through complex challenges, Where's Indy in the Middle East sleuths must collaborate with other players and try different approaches.

Will there be other products?

Our premier EscapED eXperience (EscapEDX) is set in the Middle East. We are building rooms for Africa, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe to search for Indy throughout the world. We are also creating a special "truth-sleuthing" EscapeEDX to develop truth-sleuthing skills. We believe that game-based instruction is an excellent technique to motivate learners with the skills and tenacity they need to lead successful lives.


Where's Indy in the Middle East is a collaboration of F.A.I.L. University and Knowledge Avatars, Inc.

See Jeremy Royster give you a personal walkthrough of Where's Indy in the Middle East.


You may select from three specialty packages: the Family Pack, the Classroom Pack, and the School License.

The Family Pack provides licenses for up to 6 family members. The Classroom Pack provides licenses for up to 25 students. The School License covers your whole school. Click the pop-up button to select your preference. Once signed up, you will receive instructions to sign up your members. Parents or teachers, please contact us to schedule a demo.

Technical Requirements

No special hardware required - just a computer with a modern browser.

Where's Indy in the Middle East? (Family Pack - up to 6 in a family)



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