You Command a Powerful Learning System! | Knowledge Avatars™

You Command a Powerful Learning System!

Learning can be easy if you have the right tools. What’s in your toolbox?

Knowledge Avatars™ helps students learn by showing them exactly what concepts they need to fill in their knowledge gaps. Examples and activities are available to the student as needed. Integrated testing provides immediate feedback so students always know where they stand.

Developers can easily create Knowledge Avatars without any knowledge of programming or instructional design. You can build your Knowledge Avatar incrementally, access resources from the Internet and create a community around your particular expertise. Knowledge Avatars supports multiple languages and are optimized for mobile devices.

Learn more about the Knowledge Avatars Developer Programs.

Knowledge Avatars™ makes it easier to learn:

  • Each mastered concept incrementally builds upon other concepts.
  • Student control how many examples and experiences they receive to understand a concept.
  • Student see exactly the concepts that are prerequisites to other concepts. 
  • Integrated testing provides feedback and suggested review so that testing is part of the learning process, not a hindrance to it.
  • Students have a storehouse of information at their fingertips – they can call on related material at any time!
  • Students are motivated and engaged because they learn in challenging but approachable steps.


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