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The Knowledge Engineering Academy

We are offering three certificates. Please note that at this time you may register for the Learning Engineering Developer Certificate and for a bundle that includes all three certificates. You receive 40% off for the bundle. Make your selection below.

New sessions are being added every week. We will contact you with session dates.

Knowledge Engineering Developer (Apprenticeship Certificate)

Acquire the knowledge and the experience to develop advanced learning experiences and create new career opportunities.

  • The Program will provide direct instruction that includes face-to-face virtual delivery live in virtual reality spaces every week.
  • Learn techniques and best practices in Learning Engineering to develop online learning experiences.
  • Your new skills will be put to use throughout the Program, giving you virtual workforce opportunities.
  • Engage in a Virtual Internship program to provide resumé experience.
  • Develop additional career competencies in conjunction with your Program to enhance your resumé.
  • Program Materials Provided
  • Complete access to the development environment
  • Your personalized teach-bot tutor
  • Virtual reality meeting space
  • The successful completion of the Learning Engineering Developer (Apprenticeship Certificate) requires 120 hours of knowledge-based, experiential, and internship time.

Knowledge Engineering Researcher (Journeyman Certificate) 

Learn advanced skills and theory to develop an online learning experience.

  • Learn techniques and industry practices to develop online learning experiences across multiple learning environments. 
  • Simulation planning and development 
  • Avatar knowledge development
  • More Learning Engineering skills
  • The Program will provide direct instructions that include live face-to-face virtual delivery every week.
  • These advanced skills will be applied throughout the Program, engaging you in a virtual entrepreneurship program. You will develop entrepreneurial skills to create new opportunities to build your own business.   
  • Engage in virtual entrepreneurship development to provide business pathway opportunities.  
  • Creation of entrepreneurship competencies in conjunction with your Program to enhance your career choices.
  • Program Materials Provided.
  • Complete access to the development environment
  • Your personalized teach-bot tutor
  • Virtual reality meeting space
  • The successful completion of the Learning Engineering Researcher (Journeyman Certificate) requires 120 hours of knowledge-based, experiential, and internship time.

Knowledge Engineering Manager (Master Certificate)

With the knowledge and experience gained from the Learning Engineering Developer and the Learning Engineering Researcher programs, the ultimate level is to develop skills needed to manage teams of developers.

  • Manage a team of learning engineer developers and take a leadership role in supervising new apprentices. 
  • An internship as a manager working with the team of educational content developers
  • Specialized leadership training and mentorship to develop skills and abilities that will lead to coaching certification.
  • Possibly create learn-and-earn opportunities via future royalties based on clients. 
  • The successful completion of the Learning Engineering Manager (Master Certificate) requires 120 hours of knowledge-based, experiential, and internship time.

About Learning Engineering 

Learning Engineering is an emerging field that applies science, technology, and pedagogy to produce the most effective learning experience. It is an approach to teaching and learning that focuses on engineering an environment to encourage, motivate, and enhance learning. Philosophically, we focus on what the student needs to master content rather than what the institution needs to deliver. Learning Engineering as a profession is supported by the IEEE SIG, ICICLE

The origins of Learning Engineering go as far back as the 1940s with Information Theory. During 1950s, Dr. B. F Skinner, the father of behavioral psychology, described how to influence people through reinforcement. In his fictional book Walden Two, he depicts a utopian society engineered to reinforce good behavior. His theories have been instrumental in therapy as well as in Gaming Theory. Other researchers, such as Piaget, investigated the value of exploration and play in learning. Dr. Gordon Pask, a cybernetician, focused on the importance of conversations between human and robotic entities. Dr. Herb Simon concentrated on AI assistants and Dr. Papert on the value of constructing environments as part of the learning process. 

Learning Engineering draws from the fields of Psychology, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Engineering, Anthropology, Education, Writing, Art, and others. It is the blend of all the fields that contribute knowledge towards building a better learning experience.

About the Knowledge Engineering Academy, brought to you by Knowledge Avatars, Inc.

The Knowledge Engineering Academy is the education arm of Knowledge Avatars, Inc. Knowledge Avatars, an educational services organization. We address the many challenges in our education system by utilizing technology, science, and the best pedagogy to create educational services. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) platform allows anyone to create and publish a learning experience.  These learning experiences include teach-bots, mixed-media, and virtual reality to effectively impact education.

Your Facilitator 

Emiliano De Laurentiis, CEO, an educator and inventor, has been developing and publishing interactive learning environments for over 25 years. He has advanced degrees in psychology, cognitive science, and education and has substantial experience in entrepreneurship, business management and publishing.




Course Perspective for Knowledge Engineering Programs

The Learning Engineering Programs are hands-on and practical, designed to accelerate your career opportunities. 

  • You will dive right in to understand the possibilities for creating exceptional student learning experiences. 
  • You will be given the tools you need to develop these educational resources. You will learn about a pedagogical system that ensures student learning under any circumstance. 
  • You will learn about a knowledge analysis system to ensure that all essential concepts are covered. 
  • This system will allow you to analyze knowledge gaps and provide strategies to assist students in reaching mastery. 

During these certificates, you will produce a learning environment that includes learning technology, such as teach-bot, to increase students' engagement and success. As you develop your knowledge and skills, you will showcase your abilities with actual finished products. 

This certificate will be conducted in a seminar format with weekly meetings in a virtual reality space. The Knowledge Avatars platform will provide all of the resources you need to master and reinforce your skills. 

The content will continuously be available to you, even after graduating, to review any content you may need. The field is evolving rapidly. We will continually update the learning content so that you may re-certify every year.

Who Should Attend?

  • If you are interested in a career change and leading educational transformation through technology
  • Anyone responsible for teaching new knowledge and skills to students and adults.
  • If you would like to expand your online instructional skills.
  • If you'd like to make money with your accumulated knowledge.
  • If you'd like to lead in eLearning.

Why Attend?

  • Enter the twenty-first century of instructional possibilities.
  • Start a new career by being at the forefront of an exceptional, unique educational opportunity.
  • Lead your company to the forefront of optimized learning.
  • Discover tools and strategies for optimizing learning.
  • Ensure that students master skills.
  • Develop an adaptive and individualized educational plan.
  • Learn how to analyze and treat knowledge gaps.
  • Learn how to motivate students with intrinsic incentives.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to analyze content knowledge and develop a Knowledge Matrix.
  • How to implement the FEED pedagogical model.
  • How to create the most effective mixed-media content.
  • How to integrate a blended approach to your instructional design.
  • How to optimize learning.
  • How game theory concepts optimize learning systems.

Possible Career Path

  • Earn royalties from your content
  • Work within an organization to develop highly efficient, highly beneficial content for learning programs, K-12, and corporate organizations

What Technology Do You Need?

  • A computer (preferably around three years old or newer)
  • Broadband Internet access (good enough to stream videos)


The Learning Engineering Developer (Apprenticeship Certificate) has sessions starting every month. Contact us for the next start date.

Financial Aid

Financial aid, scholarships, and group discounts are available. Please contact us to discuss it.

More Information

For more information please call 413-300-1198 or contact us on our contact form.

Learning Engineering Developer Apprenticeship
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