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Knowledge Avatars is the Most Powerful Learning Platform!

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We've all had bad teachers, and we've all experienced hard-to-use educational content. For the most part, education today is still a hit or miss proposition. You're lucky if you find that one in a million stellar teacher that inspires you to learn!

At Knowledge Avatars, we firmly believe that learning can be fun for everyone. We believe that learning can be easy and motivating. It does not require an inspirational speaker of a teacher! What it does cry out for is excellent content organized in a way that builds on your previous knowledge. It demands content that takes into account what you already know, and that allows you to strengthen your skills from that base.

We also believe that educational content should be diverse. It should have videos, text, animations, simulations, bots, virtual worlds, or whatever other new technologies instructional designers have to deliver knowledge.

But most importantly, it must be consistent, rather than depending on the one in a million outstanding teachers. Knowledge Avatars has this exceptional structure as part of its core so that every course is stellar!

Knowledge Avatars™ is better because:

  • Each mastered concept incrementally builds upon other concepts.
  • You control how many examples and experiences you need to understand.
  • Content can be delivered by bots, in virtual rooms, with videos, in simulations, and more.
  • You see precisely the concepts that are prerequisites to other concepts.
  • Testing integrates with the content, providing you with immediate feedback and suggestions for review. It is part of the learning process, not a hindrance to it.
  • You have a storehouse of information at your fingertips – you can access relevant material at any time!
  • You are motivated and engaged because you learn in challenging but approachable steps.

What you can do

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  • Learn how to develop your own Knowledge Avatar.

Knowledge Avatars™ makes it easier to learn.

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