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Can You Learn Anything in Twenty Hours?

Author Josh Kaufman, who wrote The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything . . . Fast!, proposes that learning can be accelerated by following these steps:

  1. Deconstruct the skill.
  2. Learn enough to self-correct.
  3. Remove barriers to practice (such as overwhelming material).
  4. Practice for twenty hours.

Knowledge Avatars, as an advanced, modern tool for e-learning, already incorporates these principles. At its very core is the idea that all knowledge is made up of concepts. When authors develop a Knowledge Avatar module, they are deconstructing the knowledge that they wish to teach into smaller concepts. Authors are encouraged to break down concepts as finely as is reasonable to do so, allowing students to learn in easily digestible steps. Because students are consistently learning and improving, they remain motivated. And motivation trumps the infamous barrier to learning, frustration.

In utilizing the Knowledge Matrix™ (multi-dimensional graphs), we make the structure of the content very transparent to the learner.  Since the Knowledge Matrix also defines explicit prerequisite concepts, the student can focus on mastering precisely the concepts needed to achieve their goal. This efficiency translates into success, as busy students are more likely to learn if they can do so in smaller chunks, at their convenience. 

Another feature of Knowledge Avatars is intermodal activities and feedback, which allows students to monitor their learning and to self-correct.  Knowledge Avatars will automatically recommend concepts that will help fill in their knowledge gaps.

Knowledge Avatars adapt to mobile devices, thus making it easy to learn 24/7.  Students will be able to rack up those twenty hours in a snap!



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