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Looking for Teachers

Knowledge Avatars Incorporated, creator of Knowledge Avatars, your knowledge in the cloud, is seeking teachers to author K-12 educational content for their advanced Internet platform.

These school-based Knowledge Avatars will focus on topics that are of interest to K-12 schools, math, science, history, writing, and more.

Authors will receive live online training and royalties from revenues from their Knowledge Avatar. Knowledge Avatars Inc. will help authors with marketing and sales, and handle all financial transactions. There is no charge for authors to create content. 


 Knowledge Avatars Incorporated has created an online educational platform that enables experts to easily create and publish knowledge-based educational content. The Knowledge Avatar platform takes care of the educational delivery of content, freeing content experts from having to be instructional designers. Images, videos and widgets may be uploaded or they may be embedded from the Web thus leveraging the rich content that is available on the Internet.

 Knowledge Avatars™ are your knowledge in the cloud. 

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