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Dario's Tango Guide


Argentine tango is a world-wide phenomenon and is danced in every part of the world!

Originating from Argentina and Uruguay in the late 19th century Argentine tango has evolved to encompass a great variety of musical styles. It is this variety that makes the music attractive and engaging for people from different walks of life and different ages.

Argentine tango dance is an improvised dance that draws from many different dance styles. It is this fusion of styles that makes Argentine tango dance fascinating and a life-long passion for millions of people world-wide!


Optimal Courseware Design


This Knowledge Avatar is about developing the best possible courseware. Learn how to engage, motivate, and retain students!

It is possible to incorporate lessons learned in games, training, and the brain to produce the best possible courses. Good courseware will start a two-way conversation with students. 


Chess Virtual Learning Coach

Close up of chess board

Chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide in homes, urban parks, clubs, online, correspondence, and in tournaments. 

This Knowledge Avatar currently covers:

  1. Game play. 
  2. Pieces and their moves.
  3. Tactics
  4. Strategies

This is an ongoing project so more topics will be added to it as time progresses.

You can communicate with Sheila to learn more about chess. She will present videos, images, interactive activities and animations!


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