Knowledge Avatar Developer Program

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Enroll in a Knowledge Avatar Developer Program and get the help you need to author and publish your own Knowledge Avatars. 

You can develop for free (no credit card required) but you need to enroll as a Publisher before we will publish your Knowledge Avatar. 

Once your Knowledge Avatar has been approved for publication you have a choice of either publishing to the general public or to publish privately to a select group of students.

Publishing options


Publish to your own private audience. Up to 10 students is free. Then it is $25 per additional student per year.


Publish to a world audience. You set your own prices. You retain 70% of the gross revenues. We process the payment and transfer funds to you via PayPal.

Custom Development

If one of our standard programs does not meet your needs, please contact us for a quote for custom development.

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Product Description: 

Allows you to publish courses. View and contribute to online Forums. Access courseware development articles. Monthly webinar. (Paid monthly)