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Small Business Pandemic Survival and Recovery Kit

When a disaster occurs, the first goal of a small business is to survive.

Once a small business survives, its second goal is to recover.

Produced by Capital Innovation & Technology Institute LLC and authored by Karl Dakin of Dakin Capital LLC, the purpose of this Kit is to give you the tools needed to survive the business interruptions due to this Pandemic and to help you thrive afterward.

Included in your one-year subscription:

  • Up-to-date information and advice specify relief that is available to you and walks you through applying for this relief. 
  • Best practices will ensure that you increase your chances of success in this very competitive market. 
  • A decision tree to help you make decisions in choosing between alternative programs.
  • Daily updates to programs help you stay on top of the latest tactics.
  • The newest e-learning technologies provide interactive advice and strategies to survive this Pandemic. 
  • Curated lists of additional resources help you cut through the noise to information that actually helps you.
  • With decades of expertise in small business disaster relief, Karl Dakin and his squad of counselors answer your questions.
  • Live webinars cover Breaking News to give you the heads up on new government programs and leading strategies.
  • Your privacy is protected.

Karl Dakin is professional entrepreneur who has been working as a consultant/freelancer/self-employed/Gig worker for 41 years.  He has  decades of experience in helping small businesses raise capital from all sources. His network runs deeply in  business organizations,  government agencies and local communities. We will provide his intelligence to give you an edge for your business.

It's not just about the Pandemic. This interruption in your business will affect you for many years to come. Our goal is to guide you now and into the future. This Kit will be continuously enhanced to help you develop your customized capital strategy and lay the groundwork for rebuilding in a new economy.

This Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit includes:

  • The complete printable guide
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs for filling out the application forms
  • Free expert moderated forums
  • Curated list of resource centers
  • Best practices
  • Interactive Q&A to answer your questions
  • Charts
  • Templates
  • Case studies
  • An intelligent bot that answers your questions
  • A virtual reality meeting center with real-time chat rooms for each government program 
  • Automatic updates as conditions change

For information about the next Webinar, please go here.

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Small Business Pandemic Recovery Fund LLC


Small Business Pandemic Survival & Recovery Kit
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