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Writing Tower- From Summary to Synthesis

Class Description:

For many people, the task of writing is overwhelming. How often do you procrastinate about starting an assignment? Successful essay writing comprises a series of stepwise moves incorporated either individually or in tandem to achieve the desired ends. Once these moves have been effectively understood, writing becomes more comfortable and more efficient. You build confidence in your new skill and craft.

This course will enable students to engage texts through summary, analysis and synthesis. Each of these three styles builds upon the one(s) before, making a “tower” in which the top level can only be solid if those beneath it are well-established. All three of these forms are essential for research. Therefore, coming to understand and effectively construct the “Writing Tower” will help you develop the skills to confidently tackle your research paper assignments.

In addition to coming to understand how and when to use these three vital writing skills, this course will also help you develop greater confidence in your writing that will stay with you forever. You will come to see how your ideas and words matter and how to share them more effectively.
Class Philosophy:

In order to express our own ideas, we need to learn how to effectively engage and deal with the ideas of others. This class will offer three techniques for doing that, each of which builds upon the one(s) that come before.

To summarize means to put someone else’s ideas into a shorter form that may be easier to understand. As analysis involves trying to figure out what lies behind the stated ideas, being able to explain and understand them is critical. Putting various summaries and analyses together in an effort to come up with a broader sense of a larger topic is the goal of synthesis. By putting each of these styles to work in a stepwise fashion, you will earn to build a Writing Tower that will allow you to take your writing and your ideas to higher places.

Professor's Biography:

Matt Robinson has been a professional writer and editor for over 20 years. In that time, he has published more than 5,000 pieces. He has also taught hundreds of students how to embrace writing and overcome anxieties and negative feelings and thoughts about this vital communication form.

Professor's Philosophy: "YOUR WORDS MATTER!"

Just because you may not have been published or have a best-selling book does not mean that your words lack value. Also, just because you may be on your way to a career in the sciences does not mean that you will not have to communicate effectively.

Effective communication - whether in speech or writing - is essential, but it is not complicated. With a few simple strategies, you can explain the purported effects of a new drug, document some code, or write an email quickly and effectively.

Regardless of which myths you may have been told about writing this course will reveal how to communicate your words' value. It will inspire you to share your stories with confidence.

Course Outline

How to engage ideas.
How to summarize and what it helps communicators do.
How to analyze and how to use summaries as the basis for analysis.
Synthesizing analyses of and information from other sources to make a new statement about a topic.

Course Format

This class will take place in a virtual reality space. There are 11 one-hour sessions. Meetings are twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, for six-weeks. The next session starts on January 26th, 2021, 11:30 AM ET.

Knowledge Avatars

WritingGURU™ and EnglishGURU™, the built-in Knowledge Avatars, will answer your questions and reinforce the concepts you are building in this course.


Students who successfully complete the class will be awarded a Knowledge Avatars Certificate of completion.


Writing Tower- From Summary to Synthesis
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