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Currently Available Knowledge Avatars

About Knowledge Avatars

About Knowledge Avatars

A Knowledge Avatar is a learning environment that simulates an ideal tutor.

When you develop a Knowledge Avatar you are representing your own knowledge and creating a digital tutor to help students study. Students have different ways of interacting with your knowledge and learning from it, including videos, apps, interactive presentations, and even an AI-Assistant!

The AI-Assistant is key! The AI-Assistant helps students find content and interacts with students to help them become better learners.

Each Knowledge Avatar includes a Knowledge Matrix™ which helps students identify their knowledge gaps and navigate directly to the concepts that they need to achieve mastery.



AccountingGURU™ is your own personal AI-Tutor that will help you improve your grades and excel in accounting.

No more embarrassing questions in class!

AccountingGURU is available 24/7 on your computer or phone to help you understand every concept in accounting. With AccountingGURU you can chat with Angela, our AI-Tutor, who will help you discover your knowledge gaps and helps you fill those gaps using activities, feedback, videos and more.


Close up of chess board

Chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide in homes, urban parks, clubs, online, correspondence, and in tournaments.

This Knowledge Avatar currently covers:

Game play.
Pieces and their moves.
You can communicate with Elsa, the teach-bot to learn more about chess. She will present videos, images, interactive activities and animations!


Learn English with EnglishGURU

Looking for a better way to learn English? Let EnglishGURU™ be your English tutor!

EnglishGURU is a self-controlled, self-paced learning program that combines videos, definitions, examples, games, and artificial intelligence to help you to obtain a greater understanding of the English language.

That’s right… artificial intelligence! EnglishGURU will introduce you to Elsa, an AI-assistant that will help you practice the language.

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