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How Knowledge Avatars Enhances Teaching

The two main factors for better education are knowledgeable teachers and smaller class sizes. 

The more knowledgeable a teacher is the better and more creative they can be at explaining concepts and at responding to students’ questions.

The smaller the classes are, the more likely it is that students will receive the individual attention they need to improve. It means getting additional materials that help them fill in their knowledge gaps.

Knowledge Avatars is a robotic teacher. It has your knowledge and it teaches one-on-one on your behalf! Knowledge Avatars are 24/7 teachers with your knowledge, not someone else’s.

They can be used by students to help with their homework or to quietly review concepts in class.

As you refine and add knowledge to your Knowledge Avatar it becomes smarter and smarter. As we add activities to Knowledge Avatars, they will be able to determine which knowledge gaps students have and provide additional content to help them fill those knowledge gaps.

We are building Knowledge Avatars to be your teaching assistant in the cloud.

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